• The Isaacs: A Time of Healing
    The Isaacs: A Time of Healing
    (AUGUST 2016) The Isaacs’ new album, Nature’s Symphony in 432, is an innovative project that finds the family taking an entirely different approach to recording.
  • Now Is The Time
    Now Is The Time
    (AUGUST 2016) We asked the Homecoming Friends, “What has taught you to notice today, to live in the moment and to give yourself for things that last forever?” Their stories are life lessons for us all.
  • Live This Very Day
    Live This Very Day
    (AUGUST 2016) Gloria Gaither talks about living in the moment.
  • Two Hearts Healed
    Two Hearts Healed
    (AUGUST 2016) Jason Clark of The Nelons shares a story of his once-Atheist doctor.
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