• GODwinks and Answered Prayer
    GODwinks and Answered Prayer
    (AUGUST 2012) If you place yourself in alignment with God, and step out in faith for what you believe to be your destiny, He will place people and events all along your pathways to help you get where you’re going.
  • GODwinks and Angel Light
    GODwinks and Angel Light
    (JUNE 2012) Godwinks are ways in which God communicates with us, like a childhood wink of reassurance from a grandparent...
  • GODwinks and Overcoming
    GODwinks and Overcoming
    (APRIL 2012) Godwinks sometimes can signal that you will overcome the disheartening situation you’re presently in.
  • GODwinks and Forgivness
    GODwinks and Forgivness
    (FEBRUARY 2012) Don't you love it when our Father confirms something to us in our heart? Here's a wink from our loving God about forgiveness.
  • Introducing SQuire Rushnell
    Introducing SQuire Rushnell
    (FEBRUARY 2012) Inspirational speaker, bestselling author and former ABC News executive, SQuire Rushnell, joins Homecoming Magazine with his own new column, GODwinks.
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