• Derby Delight Pie
    Derby Delight Pie
    KELLY BOWLING shares this simple recipe of a Kentucky favorite dessert.
  • We Gather Together
    We Gather Together
    (AUGUST 2015) COME ON IN! with Emily Sutherland. Regardless of what is going on in your world right now, Emily challenges us to make hospitality a part of our routine.
  • Burger Surprise
    Burger Surprise
    TODD SUTTLES shares his grilling secrets.
  • Sausage Cheese Bits & Percolator Punch
    Sausage Cheese Bits & Percolator Punch
    TANYA GOODMAN SYKES and her mother share a couple of great family-favorite recipes.
  • Patriotic Fruit Pizza
    Patriotic Fruit Pizza
    CALVIN AND JOYCE NEWTON share their recipe for Patriotic Fruit Pizza.
  • Mayor’s Fried Chicken
    Mayor’s Fried Chicken
    RUSS & TORI TAFF share their favorite fried chicken recipe!
  • Zesty Italian Chicken
    Zesty Italian Chicken
    MATTHEW HOLT, or rather, his wife Lindsey, found an easy and super delicious chicken recipe that their family loves!
  • Risgrøt
    EVIE shares her favorite Norwegian comfort food, Risgrøt, a delicious rice porridge.
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