• KIDSCORNER: Young At Heart
    KIDSCORNER: Young At Heart
    (AUGUST 2013) Callie Phelps shares with us what kids are loving, what she's loving and brings a little behind-the-scenes look at all the Gaither Homecoming Kids!
  • KIDSCORNER: The Parachute Parade
    KIDSCORNER: The Parachute Parade
    (JUNE 2013) Our Homecoming Kids correspondent Callie Phelps introduces us to another notable batch of Homecoming Friends’ offspring who are following in their parents’ footsteps and making some pretty fine music of their own!
  • KIDSCORNER: Georganne Greene
    KIDSCORNER: Georganne Greene
    (APRIL 2013) Buddy Greene’s youngest, Georganne, shares memories of growing up with her harmonica-playing dad — and the love of art he passed down to her…
  • KIDSCORNER: Simon Hayes
    KIDSCORNER: Simon Hayes
    (FEBRUARY 2013) Former and current “Homecoming Kids” share their thoughts. This month, Bill and Gloria’s grandson Simon, gives us a glimpse into his life as a Homecoming Kid.
  • KIDSCORNER: Josh Parker
    KIDSCORNER: Josh Parker
    (DECEMBER 2012) Josh Parker is a singer and guitar player who shares a passion for music and ministry with his dad, Ivan. This talented young man takes a walk down memory lane and tells us how much he loved being a Homecoming Kid!
  • KIDSCORNER: Chaz Mason
    KIDSCORNER: Chaz Mason
    (OCTOBER 2012) Carrying on the Mason musical legacy, Babbie’s son Chaz is now an accomplished recording artist. Here he shares how memories of his days as a Homecoming Kid prompted him to reconnect with some old friends.
  • KIDSCORNER: Libby Hodges
    KIDSCORNER: Libby Hodges
    (AUGUST 2012) LIBBY HODGES is a former Homecoming Kid whose mom, Lynn Hodges, is a well-known singer, songwriter and children’s choir director in the Nashville music scene. Libby fondly recalls those earlier years as one of the talented and energetic “Homecoming Kids!”
  • KIDSCORNER: Will Jennings
    KIDSCORNER: Will Jennings
    (JUNE 2012) WILL JENNINGS, former Homecoming Kid and oldest grandson of Bill and Gloria, shares his thoughts...
  • KIDSCORNER: Callie Phelps & Landon Ritchie
    KIDSCORNER: Callie Phelps & Landon Ritchie
    (APRIL 2012) Former and current “Homecoming Kids” share their thoughts. This month, Callie Phelps interviews Homecoming Kid…LANDON RITCHIE, son of Greg & Charlotte Ritchie.
  • KIDSCORNER: Gerica Davis
    KIDSCORNER: Gerica Davis
    (FEBRUARY 2012) Former and current “Homecoming Kids” share their thoughts. This month, GERICA DAVIS remembers her fun-filled days as a Homecoming Kid.
  • KIDSCORNER: Levi and Jakobi Bowman
    KIDSCORNER: Levi and Jakobi Bowman
    (DECEMBER 2011) The Isaacs’ Rebecca Bowman's kids have been on the road since they were each just days old. Here the siblings offer an inside look at life as a current-day Homecoming Kid!
  • KIDSCORNER: Amber Nelon Thompson & Scotty McCreary
    KIDSCORNER: Amber Nelon Thompson & Scotty McCreary
    (OCTOBER 2011) Homecoming Kid AMBER NELON THOMPSON, who had her own “Idol” adventure last year, chats with rising country star and “American Idol” winner SCOTTY McCREARY
  • KIDSCORNER: Madi Rose Taff
    KIDSCORNER: Madi Rose Taff
    (AUGUST 2011) Madi Rose Taff, firstborn of Russ and Tori Taff, is all grown up and reveling in the joys and memories of growing up in her generation of Homecoming kids...
  • KIDSCORNER: Madison Easter
    KIDSCORNER: Madison Easter
    (JUNE 2011) One of the original Homecoming Kids, MADISON EASTER, now grown up and newly wed, shares fond memories of days spent filming and playing with his grown-up heroes on the Homecoming Kids set.
  • KIDSCORNER: Amber Nelon Thompson
    KIDSCORNER: Amber Nelon Thompson
    (APRIL 2011) AMBER NELON THOMPSON, one of the original Homecoming Kids and granddaughter to the legendary Rex Nelon, remembers growing up surrounded by music.
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