• Laughlines: The Isaacs
    Laughlines: The Isaacs
    (JUNE 2012) In addition to sharing a love for music, the Isaacs family loves to laugh…especially at each other! Andy manages to get them all in one place, and the games begin…
  • Laughlines: Gordon Mote
    Laughlines: Gordon Mote
    (APRIL 2012) Andy chats with Gordon Mote about some very important matters — like their shared love of football and Gordon’s disdain for bananas!
  • Laughlines: Sandi Patty
    Laughlines: Sandi Patty
    (FEBRUARY 2012) Andy Andrews has a face-to-face chat with one of his favorites — the amazing Sandi Patty.
  • Laughlines: Jeff Allen
    Laughlines: Jeff Allen
    (DECEMBER 2011) Andy Andrews has a phone conversation with one of his funniest friends, comedian Jeff Allen.
  • Laughlines: Lulu Roman
    Laughlines: Lulu Roman
    (OCTOBER 2011) Andy hee-haws it up with one of country's favorite ladies, LULU ROMAN!
  • Laughlines: Kevin Williams
    Laughlines: Kevin Williams
    (AUGUST 2011) Andy Andrews goes toe-to-toe with Homecoming funny man (and guitarist extraordinaire in his spare time!) Kevin Williams...
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