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  • The Gang's All Here!
    The Gang's All Here!
    (FEBRUARY 2012) In November 2011, the Chuck Wagon Gang celebrated 75 years at a series of special concerts in Nashville
  • Album Spotlight: "Windows In The World"
    Album Spotlight: "Windows In The World"
    (FEBRUARY 2012) Charlotte Ritchie has a brand new solo project, WINDOWS IN THE WORLD.
  • Notable Company
    Notable Company
    (FEBRUARY 2012) In October 2011, Jason Crabb performed for more than 16,000 attendees at the “Get Motivated” seminar in Nashvile...
  • 400 Years and Counting: KJV
    400 Years and Counting: KJV
    (FEBRUARY 2012) Thomas Nelson celebrates the King James Version Bible’s 400th anniversary.
  • The Ticket (Almost)
    The Ticket (Almost)
    (DECEMBER 2011) Stephen Hill’s brush with the law...
  • Hoppers Abroad
    Hoppers Abroad
    (NOVEMBER 2011) The Hopppers recently returned from a concert tour in the UK and Europe...
  • Hit The Gas
    Hit The Gas
    (NOVEMBER 2011) Find out what Ernie Haase & Signature Sound had in common with the AdvoCare 500 NASCAR race this year.
  • Solo Voice
    Solo Voice
    (DECEMBER 2011) In September, Gaither Music Group released the all-new solo record by Gaither Vocal Band member, Wes Hampton.
  • Cultivating Souls: Angus Buchan
    Cultivating Souls: Angus Buchan
    (DECEMBER 2011) Find out about this great servant of God, author Angus Buchan.
  • Book, Music, & DVD Spotlights
    Book, Music, & DVD Spotlights
    (DECEMBER 2011) Read about the latest books, music, and DVDs that are being released this season.
  • Welcome Home: Christmas Naturally
    Welcome Home: Christmas Naturally
    (December 2011) Gloria shares her secrets on how to make your house a home. This month, Gloria talks about how nothing calls us home quite like a “natural” Christmas.
  • Saluting The Gatlins
    Saluting The Gatlins
    (DECEMBER 2011) Last September, the Isaacs were on hand to honor Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, who received the Academy of Country Music’s Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award...
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