Janet Paschal

Janet Paschal

Janet Paschal is an inspirational gospel vocalist and performer, often associated with Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Tour, and often hailed as one of the most soulfully versatile voices in Christian Music.

A native of Reidsville, North Carolina, Paschal recalls writing in her journals daily as a child that one day she would be a Gospel singer, sharing the message of Jesus Christ through music. Raised in a religious and musically inclined family, Paschal’s grandfather was a minister who served as a great inspiration in her life.

Following her high school graduation, Paschal was invited to become a member of the southern gospel group, The LeFevres. The group then changed its name to the Rex Nelon Singers after the last LeFevre retired from the group. 

From there she became a member of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart’s Crusade Team. In 1986, Paschal began her solo career, releasing her first album entitled I Give You Jesus on Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry label, Shiloh Records. Several other albums followed, but none gained the commercial success that would occur after Janet’s 1992 move to Nashville, Tennessee. Her 1994 album, Journey of Grace, made a mark, but it was her 1997 album, The Good Road and also a book by the same title (authored by Paschal- a collection of her own writings and reflections on life) that put her on the map. Since then, she’s released seven more sucessful albums, received countless awards, and numerous Dove and Grammy nominations. Paschal is consistently named one of Christian Music’s top female vocalists.

With more than 100 concerts a year, Paschal has performed at such notable venues as Carnegie Hall, The Sydney Opera House, The Grand Ole Opry, and The Kennedy Center.

In 2005 Paschal was diagnosed with breast cancer and received 11 months of treatment. Following a clean bill of health, Paschal recorded a new project of hymns titled, Sounds Like Sunday, which benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. Her latest releases include a CD titled Treasure and a book titled Treasures of the Snow.

  • Collectors and Keepers
    (JUNE 2016) THE GOOD ROAD: Janet Paschal shares her heart about the difference between collectors and keepers.
  • A Pure, Perfect Tone
    (AUGUST 2015) THE GOOD ROAD: God’s Word and His Spirit provide for us a pure, perfect tone. We bring harmony to our lives when we tune our thoughts, deeds, prayers, actions and attitudes to that sound.
  • The Very Best Is Yet To Be
    (APRIL 2015) THE GOOD ROAD: Janet Paschal tells a part of the story of Corrie ten Boom...
  • A View From The Zoo
    (OCTOBER 2014) THE GOOD ROAD: Zookeeper, Gary Richmond recognizes clear parallels between the instincts of God’s animals and the governance of mankind...
  • Treasures: Another Soldier's Coming Home
    (JUNE 2014) In May 1972, a US military aircraft was shot down in South Vietnam. They thought the pilot was First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie, but medical laboratories were unable to confirm a compelling match of the 24-year-old using only dental records and partial remains....
  • Treasures: God's Mass Choir
    (APRIL 2014) It reads like an afterthought: a casual claim within the grandiose story of creation. Following a narrative on solar and lunar systems comes this five-word sentence: “He also made the stars.” (Genesis 1:16 NIV). . .
  • Treasures: A Rendezvous With Destiny
    (FEBRUARY 2014) We have a rendezvous with destiny. We have known triumph and defeat, and we have determined that there can be no turning back. Our destiny is indelibly linked to a baby, a cup, a cross, a grave, a tomb, and a promise.
  • Treasures: Sisters
    (OCTOBER 2013) Women who share their lives with one another through the ups and downs are more than friends, they are sisters.
  • Treasures: Farewell, Sweet Di
    (AUGUST 2013) Jesus knows our sorrow - He understood the platform of loss. Though fully able to resurrect His friend, Lazarus, He chose to grieve with the others.
  • Treasures: A Field of Dreams
    (JUNE 2013) Find out about the faith of three baseball greats.
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