Marcie English

Marcie English
Marcie, wife of GVB’s Michael English, is a fitness and wellness expert who has helped many of the Homecoming Friends find ways to keep healthy. A certified trainer in Nashville, Marcie shares her wisdom on getting and staying healthy.
  • Healthy Holidays
    (DECEMBER 2011) Transform your BODY, especially durring the holiday season, by making sure you keep up a daily exercise routine.
  • Parks and Recreation
    (OCTOBER 2011) Transform your BODY by going out and experiencing the beautiful country and creation we live in.
  • Raising Hope
    (AUGUST 2011) Transform your children's BODY and mindset by taking the time to be active with them and teaching them to use their minds, hands, and feet instead of a TV for entertainment.
  • The Every-Day Balancing Act
    (JUNE 2011) Transform your BODY by finding the balance in your life and taking the time to take care of you.
  • Positively Healthy
    (APRIL 2011) Transform your BODY by making sure you keep up good health habits and rely on the Lord to help you.
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