SQuire Rushnell

SQuire Rushnell
SQuire Rushnell is a former ABC Network Television executive, multiple Emmy Award winner, inspirational storyteller and bestselling author of the When God Winks book series.
  • GODwinks: An Unlikely Angel
    (FEBRUARY 2016) SQuire Rushnell shares a beautiful "GODwink" story from his book, "Godwink Stories--A Devotional."
  • The Two Most Important Books in My Life
    (DECEMBER 2015) SQuire shares about the people and books that inspired him along his own life's journey.
  • GODwinks: Ring the Bells of Heaven
    (AUGUST 2015) SQuire tells how prayer affects the amount of GODwinks he sees.
  • GODwinks and “Schoolhouse Rock”
    (JUNE 2015) SQuire tells how God's intervening brought about the TV show "Schoolhouse Rock".
  • Second Chances
    (APRIL 2015) Hear this incredible GODwink story of SECOND CHANCES.
  • Kathy’s Christmas GODwink
    (DECEMBER 2014) God often lets you know that He's walking beside you, giving you comfort and strength, as you walk through pain and sorrow.
  • Reckless, the GODwinked Dog
    (OCTOBER 2014) The often overlooked victims of catastrophes, such as hurricanes, are pets — dogs and cats who often wander until they are picked up by Animal Rescue teams hoping for reunion with their families, or new families...
  • Steve Jobs, GODwinks and Heaven
    (AUGUST 2014) Steve Jobs was the extraordinary innovator who changed the way everyone makes telephone calls, listens to music and uses computers...
  • The Cheerleader and the War Hero
    (JUNE 2014) Hear this incredible GODwink story of how prayer makes a significant difference.
  • Words, Wishes, and Winks
    (APRIL 2014) Miss Texas, Jonna Fitzgerald, found her purpose in life confirmed by a GODwink that meant the world to her since her childhood.
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