SQuire Rushnell

SQuire Rushnell
SQuire Rushnell is a former ABC Network Television executive, multiple Emmy Award winner, inspirational storyteller and bestselling author of the When God Winks book series.
  • Karen Kingsbury’s Song-Inspired GODwink
    (FEBRUARY 2014) Author Karen Kingsbury found herself in the middle of a GODwink.
  • It Takes a Child to Lead Us to the Christmas Child
    (DECEMBER 2013) As we approach our country’s most significant holiday and the season of greatest joy, do you, like me, find yourself unconsciously agitated that the reason for the Christmas season is being slowly hijacked ...
  • Louise DuArt: When Does God Wink The Most?
    (OCTOBER 2013) Inspiring women of faith like Louise DuArt remind us that God orchestrates our path and gets us where He wants us if we trust in Him.
  • GODwinks: On Eagle's Wings
    (AUGUST 2013) To pull ourselves up from grief, we simply need to reach up and grasp the outstretched hand of God.
  • GODwinks and Gold Medals
    (JUNE 2013) Olympic skater Scott Hamilton, at age 4, was advised that due to a mysterious illness he might not survive another six months. What unfolded was a series of remarkable GODwinks.
  • A Child’s Image Of Jesus
    (APRIL 2013) A God-inspired child touches the world.
  • Are You Destiny’s Hitchhiker?
    (FEBRUARY 2013) Godwinks happen to steer you on your path in life.
  • When Parents Have Faith, GODwinks
    (DECEMBER 2012) When we are strong and courageous in times of trial, God's power and glory shines through.
  • GODwinks: The God Particle and and Granny’s Proof
    (OCTOBER 2012) God communicates with us and gets us where we need to be, even in bringing science up to speed with His mighty acts!
  • GODwinks and Answered Prayer
    (AUGUST 2012) If you place yourself in alignment with God, and step out in faith for what you believe to be your destiny, He will place people and events all along your pathways to help you get where you’re going.
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