Wayne Zeitner

Wayne Zeitner
Wayne still recites lyrics from Southern Gospel songs he sang growing up in western Canada. Since 1975 he has written, performed, produced, edited, directed, marketed, and sold Christian music, video and books.

  • Gene McDonald: Low Man on the Totem Pole?
    (AUGUST 2016) Gene McDonald’s deep voice may be at the bottom of the register, but he’s content to carry whatever needs to be held up, just as long as he can sing the gospel.
  • Kevin Williams Has The Best Seat In The House
    (APRIL 2016) Kevin Williams talks about home, music, and keeping it simple.
  • Howie Klausner Is Still Growing Up
    (FEBRUARY 2016) By 2010, it seemed that most faith-based (or faith-friendly) movies were screenwriter Howard Klausner's work. Now, "The Secret Handshake" marks Howie’s entrance into the world of feature film directing.
  • Oak Ridge Boys 2 Men
    (JUNE 2015) With the release of Rock Of Ages: Hymns and Gospel Favorites, the formerly controversial group revisits — again — their sacred roots.
  • Primm, Proper, and Passionate
    (APRIL 2015) Angela Primm brings an audio worship service to life with her new album, Spirituals: The Songs of Mahalia Jackson.
  • Lynda Randle — After The Storm Has Passed
    (FEBRUARY 2015) After her mother's passing, Lynda's newest album gives back to the generation that was raised on, Ageless Hymns.
  • Remember All Though Our Lives
    (DECEMBER 2014) Guy Penrod's CHRISTMAS
  • The Cathedrals' Tomorrow
    (OCTOBER 2014) A new reunion CD, DVD and concert tour capture the magic that was one of gospel music history’s most storied quartets - The Cathedrals.
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